Top Eight Night Beverages To Detox Your Liver As Well As Burn Fat!

The process of detoxification occurs best while we’re asleep because that’s the period when the body starts to regenerate and rebuild its tissues.

According to the traditional Chinese medicine, the liver, which is the main detoxification organ, works optimally between 1 and 3 am. That’s why these detox drinks are so beneficial!

Moreover, for a proper detoxification of the body, you need to maintain the optimal function of the metabolism and reduce stress.

We list the 8 best night beverages you can drink in order to detoxify the liver and accelerate the fat-burning process:

1.Rose tea

The beneficial rose is linked to the cardiovascular meridian which is related to the feelings and emotions, which explains its symbolism of love. Roses boost the circulation of the energy of the lives, as the inadequate flow of the Chi causes depressive feelings.

The reduction of these emotions ensures an improved sleep, which is needed for detoxification. Moreover, rose tea is high in tannins, which eliminate the accumulated toxins and boosts the blood circulation in the body.

2.Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is one of the evening drinks with an excellent function. It is slightly bitter due to its content of sesquiterpene lactones that help the liver prepare its detoxification routes. Chamomile is also considered to have a nerve action on the body, which means it is used to soothe the nerves which help to relax and fall asleep. Lastly, this herb has anti-inflammatory effects that further aid the body in the treatment of detoxifying intermediates that can cause higher levels of inflammation in the body.

3.Schizandra berries tea

These berries, when infused in hot water, create a nice fruity tea that can easily protect the liver from many of the harmful intermediates created through its detoxification pathways.

There are numerous studies showing the significant hepatoprotective capabilities of schizandra constituents such as its lignan content. In addition to its protective functions, schizandra berries are thought to have an adaptogenic action on the entire body meaning that it helps all body processes function optimally without increasing or decreasing pathways out of the normal range.

4.Peppermint tea

Peppermint is a very useful herb to help with many important functions, especially if you’ve had a great meal at night as it helps the digestive process through its large amounts of essential oil content such as menthol and mentona. Peppermint overcomes food stagnation as a symptom of overeating that can lead to sleep disorders. Since the liver is also involved in this digestive process, the mint makes a great tea to help the liver with its digestive and detoxification functions.

5.Lemon water

Hot lemon water is one of the nightly drinks that are routinely recommended to drink to patients all day, either by squeezing fresh lemon into the water or by cutting lemons and adding them to a pitcher of water. If you prepare water the latter way, make sure you are using organic lemons to avoid exposure to pesticides.

At night, lemon water helps remove toxins from the blood. Lemon water works best when it is hot, as cold drinks can cause shock in the body and take the heat from your digestive system to warm up. So help your body in advance by drinking hot liquids.

6.Jujube tea

It is a Chinese herb that helps nourish liver blood and is required for detoxification and fat burning. The jujube, or Da Zao, also helps to calm the mind, is perfect to help relieve our stressed brain so that we can achieve good quality sleep, necessary for proper liver function. This herb also strengthens the spleen-pancreas which in Chinese medicine can be affected by an overloaded liver that leads to poor digestion of food.

7.Oat tea

Oat flakes and seeds make great nutritional tea. This oat tea contains high levels of vitamins, minerals, and even proteins called avenins that are useful for Phase I and Phase II liver detoxification as many nutrients are consumed in this process. In addition, oat is another nervine herb that helps to calm the mind and balance our emotions, since it is considered to be a nervous re-builder system.

8.Lotus seeds

This is another herb (Lian Zi is the Chinese name) which can be beneficial to make a night tea. This herb is useful if stress, anxiety, and thoughts when we are racing during the day are kept at night. It helps to calm the mind and can even help if you have heart palpitations. Lavender can also be added to this tea to further reduce anxiety and soothe nerves.

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